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Call center operations aim to deliver positive customer experience through voice and non-voice interactions, from generating purchases to complaint resolutions and requests for help desk or technical support. Currently, these types of services are in great demand, and in fact, the French market is considered one of the largest in Europe.


French Call Center Outsourcing

If you are need of an experienced French language call center for customer service, technical support, or order processing, then Open Access BPO has you covered. Located in the Philippines, Open Access features a French language call center staff that is much more cost effective than outsourcing to Europe or the United States.

As an added value when you outsource your french call support needs to Open Access, we offer an experienced team leader, quality assurance staff, state of the art technology and communication equipment which is paid for as a value added benefit.

Reach out to your French clientele by off shoring your call center needs today to the outsourcing capitol of the world.

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With a large customer base to handle, businesses are looking for more ways to reduce labor and operating costs while maintaining consistent excellence in delivering customer services. Thus starts the search for a capable multilingual call center that can efficiently support the French segment of population at reasonable prices. A percentage of these call center companies are located in the Philippines, where outsourcing services are considerably lower compared to US or Europe.

Open Access BPO is a Philippine-based outsourcing provider that offers cost-efficient multilingual services, including inbound calls, sales and marketing, technical assistance, and more. Its talent pool consists of non-native agents fluent in the French language and French nationals working in the country – all specialized in the language and cultural aspects of the French population. Open Access BPO helps businesses handle the huge market of French customers and succeed in customer service management and, hence, their overall strategy.

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For custom outsourcing services, email us at or call us at 1.888.888.1519 and let Open Access BPO be the answer to your outsourcing needs.


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