Do strict call center policies really boost employee productivity?

Should customer support providers implement strict employee regulations to raise productivity, or is this an obsolete and counterproductive mentality? Some call centers believe that all agents must conform to a set of expectations: strict dress codes, fixed timetables, and inflexible protocols. Others go as far as limiting employees’ bathroom breaks and discouraging agents from chatting […]

Minimizing call center shrinkage to boost productivity

Monitoring call center shrinkage will allow you to optimize agents’ scheduling for increased productivity. Agents are the most important resource of call centers. Although automated solutions already exist, nothing can match the quality of work real people can deliver, especially when it comes to customer service.

Open Access BPO’s Operational Preparedness in the Time of COVID-19

Open Access BPO’s business continuity planning strategies have ensured our operational resilience, enabling us to provide seamless 24/7 outsourcing solutions during the pandemic. The drastic changes brought by COVID-19 inadvertently highlighted the cracks in many company’s disaster preparedness strategies. A study by human resource consulting firm Mercer says that over half of businesses worldwide weren’t […]

How BPO companies should support employee self-care

Self-care is everyone’s personal responsibility. Ensuring it involves taking on activities that help maintain their health and well-being, enabling them to prevent and manage illnesses caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Between an employee’s responsibilities at work and at home, however, maintaining a balance and fully taking care of one’s self can be challenging. This is […]

SMS Support

Boost customer experience by reaching your customers using the most convenient platform for them—text messaging.

Email Support

Email support lets customers reach brands via their phone or desktop, making it highly useful for concerns requiring accuracy and real-time assistance.


Non-voice support provides convenient ways for consumers to reach your brand while ensuring high productivity and cost-efficiency for internal operations.

Back Office Services

Increased business performance and revenue through improved back end efficiency A robust back office sustains customer happiness and business growth. At Open Access BPO, our efficiency specialists build process frameworks from scratch, specially designed to meet your unique needs to help improve both digital and customer experiences.   Back office services What every business needs […]