Content Writer

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  • At least 1 year of writing experience in the media
    or corporate setting
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Above-average verbal and written communication skills
  • A passion for writing
  • Willingness to learn
  • Independence and an ability to work under minimal supervision


  • A college degree in Business, English, Communications,
    or the like
  • Experience in maintaining a personal blog
  • Familiarity with SEO strategies
  • Strong understanding of online content strategies
  • A creative flair


  • Write informative and conversational articles about outsourcing, call center practices, customer support,
    and the company’s web services
  • Write copies for the company’s websites and other visual marketing materials as may be required
  • Write entertaining, magazine-style articles for the company’s newsletter
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These questions will not only test your basic knowledge of English grammar, but will also tell us a little bit about you and your personality. Answer them accordingly.

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Which of these sentences is written correctly?

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You've angered a wizard and you can choose your punishment: Would you rather have your skin turn into denim or sweat grape juice?


It's your first time in New York and you're on your way to Central Park to read under the sun. You think you're going the right way, but amid the confusing roads and street signs, you suddenly realized that you're lost. Would you rather wander around to enjoy your accidental detour or try to find the right away immediately? Explain your answer.


The universe aligned to make way for a five-day long weekend! Name the top three places you want to spend your vacation in, and tell us why these spots appeal to you.


If given the chance, what fictional world from any book, movie, TV show, or comic book would you move into? Why?


In your opinion, which is better: Facebook or Twitter? Give at least two pros and cons of using these networks.


Zombies are breaking into your house. Who do you call to ask for help and why did you choose this person?

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