Training Associate

Earn up to PHP 28,000/month for this position
11/F Glorietta 2 Corporate Center, Makati City


  • Provide training to all new hires and manage all communication for various training programs and continuing education program specific training.
  • Train all new hires with help of all adult learning theories and provide technical support to the implementation of all new systems.
  • Administer everyday training program and track all student data in an accurate manner and ensure achievement of all quality targets by the team.
  • Assist all students to effectively transit from training to work environment, and ensure compliance with all business requirement and maintain work according to timeline and content flow.
  • Maintain knowledge on all products and participate in all team meetings and monitor all transaction in adherence to all code of conduct.
  • Administer working of all staff and recommend continuous improvement in the qualityof services and provide training to the production
  • Participate in all continuous improvement activities and identify all requirement for curriculum development and enhancement.
  • Manage all communication with managers and resource groups and monitor everyday interaction with clients and analyze all training performance metrics.




1. Communication skills – (Excellent level of verbal and written communication skills)
  • Public speaking skills – must be able to present to groups and facilitate learning
  • Interpersonal communication skills – must be able to speak to and motivate individuals for knowledge transfer and performance and behavior improvement
  • Client communication skills
2. Critical Thinking Skills – Able to understand the needs of learners and can analyze what will effectively work for that audience.
3. Computer Proficiency – Able to create, develop or assess materials that will help employees understand the subjects being taught. Proficiency in Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) applications preferred.
4. Basic Management Skills – Will oversee training new and tenured employees, and needs to motivate and train small to large groups of employees.
5. Work Ethics – Committed, hard-working, honest, hungry to learn, zero attendance and attitude issues.
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