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With a growing market comes a great need for efficient customer service. It’s impossible for a business to be continuously successful without adhering to the customers’ needs.

Thailand’s recent economic accomplishments were so impressive that its companies and consumers immediately caught the world’s attention. Lauded as the second-largest economy in the entire Southeast Asia region, Thailand is now home to a thriving market composed of foreign and local businesses of all sizes.

For Open Access BPO, this is no trivial piece of information. Ignoring the large number of customers who need to be catered to could contribute to the large void that disconnects brands from consumers. In fact, an increasing number of businesses reaching out to the Thai consumer base search for solutions to successfully accommodate their clientele, which composes of more than 20 million Thai-speaking customers. Across the globe, over 40 million consumers who speak Thai (or Siamese) as second language wait to be accommodated.

To efficiently bridge the gap between Thai-speaking consumers and brands, Open Access BPO put up its own customer service team comprised of talented professionals who proficiently speaks the Thai language.

Open Access BPO has long proven its capability to deliver customer support to Asian countries such as Thailand. Its portfolio of services includes inbound customer service, technical support, back office solutions, and performance-driven sales.

For Thai Call Center services, email us at or call us at 1.888.888.1519 and let Open Access BPO be the outsourcing answer to your Thai client’s needs.


With Thailand leading the march as a rapidly growing market in the Asian region, it is not surprising that many international companies are expanding to this nation. Not all of these businesses, however, are fortunate in finding the right outsourcing partner that can address their needs.

Open Access BPO, whose operations facilities are located in the Philippines just within the same region, has become a viable solution for companies looking to penetrate the Thai market. We offer cost-effective customer support solutions for your business’ needs, including technical support and customer service. Our highly skilled workforce are fluent in both the Thai language and its culture, ensuring that your customers receive exceptional support 24/7.

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