Vietnamese Call Center

It is impossible for an expansion minded company to reach into new markets if its engagement with its clientele is disrupted. By matching the brand to the customers through language-based engagements, customer acquisition and retention are much easier to achieve.

Vietnam is on the verge of developing and reaching economic stability, and Open Access BPO cannot ignore the country’s potential to become one of Asia’s most aggressive economies.

For Open Access BPO, bridging the gap between emerging businesses and their large Vietnamese-speaking customer base is one of the ways to become part of the Vietnamese market’s overall transformation. Open Access BPO believes that this bridge is none other than excellent customer service delivered in the Vietnamese language.

The Vietnamese-speaking population may appear small when compared to other Asian markets, but in reality, the Vietnamese language is spoken by over 75 million locals. It is also spoken largely in Vietnam, China, Cambodia, and the Czech Republic where it is considered an important minority language. This staggering fact has prompted Open Access BPO to double its efforts in providing quality customer service to businesses that wish to get a firm grasp of their Vietnamese-speaking clientele.

As a seasoned outsourcing company, Open Access BPO has long proven its capability to deliver quality service to Asian countries, and it aims to make a difference in propelling the Vietnamese customer service industry into a higher plane. Its portfolio of solutions includes inbound customer service, technical support, back office solutions, and performance-driven sales.

For Vietnamese Call Center services, email us at or call us at 1.888.888.1519 and let Open Access BPO be the outsourcing answer to your Vietnamese client’s needs.


International companies looking to expand to Vietnam are unfortunately finding it difficult to search for an outsourcing company that is well equipped to serve the Vietnamese consumer market and keep up with the Southeast Asian nation’s rapid economic growth.

Open Access BPO’s Vietnamese language call center offers high quality services for your customer support needs, including inbound technical support and customer service. We have a staff of bilingual support representatives, top-of-the-line call center technologies at our Philippine-based operations facilities, and collaborative customer support practices—all these to ensure that your Vietnamese customers are well taken care of 24/7.

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