Outsourcing to the Philippines

The tremendous growth savored by the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry of the Philippines did not happen overnight nor on a fluke. It took great trust and expertise from visionaries and pioneers to hone it into the colossal industry that it is today, relying primarily on what the country has to offer.

  • management-iconEnglish Proficiency

    With English as one of its official languages, the Philippines is home to the most English-proficient population in Asia. It is even recognized as the country with the best Business English in 2012, beating the US*, Australia, and the UK. For their superior language skills and neutral accent, Filipinos make a competitive force in the call center outsourcing industry.

  • attrition-iconEducated Workforce

    Ninety-five percent of Filipino call center and outsourcing agents are college graduates with specializations in complex fields of study such as Engineering, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Journalism, and Information Technology, among others. Their educational backgrounds make them adept in the high-skill accounts they are assigned to and the industries they represent.

  • standard-iconWesternized Society

    The local pop culture is saturated with American influence through popular TV shows, music, films, and other Western influences being embraced in the country. Filipinos relate to American English, enabling them to converse effectively with Westerners without much contextual differences.

  • training-iconImproving Standard of Living

    The Philippines has a viable economy that enables Filipinos to purchase commodities at reasonable prices. Based upon economic differences between the Philippines and the United States, organizations can expand their businesses without hefty overhead costs, thus allowing the workers to live comfortably.