Outsourcing for the On-Demand Gig Economy: How the Open Access Difference Empowers a Top Industry Leader with Customer Experience

Open Access BPO understands the lasting role customer experience plays in strengthening on-demand Gig Economy. In this case study, we discuss how our outsourcing experience provides leverage for a top Gig Economy platform. Download Outsourcing for the On-Demand Gig Economy: How the Open Access Difference Empowers a Top Industry Leader with Customer Experience. Gain FREE […]

Building a Non-Voice Solution to Propel a Telecom Disruptor

A rising player in the Southeast Asian telecom industry was finding it challenging to keep up with the growing demands of their continuously expanding customer base. In our recent case study, we share how our outsourcing expertise empowered our telecom client.  Download Building a Non-voice Solution to Propel a Telecom Disruptor today to find out […]

Call Center Attrition and Turnover: Average Rates and Common Causes

Open Access BPO explored the various factors contributing to the frequent instances of attrition and turnover that plague contact centers worldwide. Basing on performance statistics and employment figures of real call centers, the research found that turnover rates vary by industry, company size, employee role, and employee age.

Don’t Outsource to the Philippines Until You Have Asked These Questions

Any business venture goes through a prerequisite series of processes to determine its feasibility and how it could benefit all the parties involved. In an outsourcing deal, this phase usually starts with questions that solutions providers must answer ideally. Open Access BPO guides you through the path towards knowing your prospective outsourcing partners.

Your Roadmap to Capturing the Chinese Market

China’s rapid evolution towards economic supremacy is making it an ideal starting point for businesses that aim to position themselves atop the international market. And it’s for a good reason: the Chinese people’s massive consumption activities make foreign markets flourish. Captivating them means being at the forefront of the global race towards the future.

Taiwan: Your Way to the Heart of Outsourcing in Asia

There’s no doubt that Asia is at the forefront of the global outsourcing industry. It’s home to the biggest and most successful BPO hubs, which all possess an asset that makes them excel in the outsourcing niche that they dominate. Taiwan is emerging to be the next premiere Asian outsourcing destination, but what traits does this

Davao, Philippines: Making waves as the next prime spot for outsourcing

Davao City, Philippines recently secured the 66th spot among hundreds of the world’s most preferred outsourcing destinations. It’s not surprising, given that it has consistently been cited as one of Philippines’ Next Wave Cities since 2008. For this feat alone, it deserves to be included among entrepreneurs’ prospective outsourcing cities. But more importantly, what propelled

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