Cookie Policy

This page explains what cookies are, and the types of cookies used by the open access website. This page also contains information on how to remove cookies from your browser, and other useful information.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data stored in a browser by a website. TheĀ informationĀ stored inside the cookie allows websites to remember preferences and customize your experience. Examples are remembering language preferences, etc.

How does Open Access BPO use cookies?

Generally, there are numerous types of cookies, but your visit to the Open Access BPO website will only yield 1 type of cookie: the analytics cookie.

Analytics cookie

While there are no personally identifiable information or data stored in the analytics cookie, it does tell us how many people have visited our website, how often they visit, and how long they stayed.

How to remove cookies

All modern browsers support removing all cookies, or cookies from a particular website.

Regrettably, we will lose the ability to recognize you as a logged user, or the ability to remember your preferences if you remove the Open Access cookies.

Should you wish to remove your cookies, you can check out the links below for the browser type you are using:

Here are some useful links if you want to find out more:

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