Strategic Locations

Open Access BPO prides itself with helping clients achieve more through its high-quality business solutions—delivered through its prime facilities and strategically positioned offices.

Each of our locations provide strategic advantages based on our clients’ unique needs, from language skills to operational and financial efficiencies.

Makati City,

Davao City,

Las Vegas,

Taipei City,

Xiamen City,

Makati City, Philippines

Located in one of the Philippines' leading financial districts, Open Access BPO's Makati sites house its main base of operations, hosting a multicultural team of native speakers and English experts.

At present, we have two offices in the Makati business district. Our first location serves as the company's base since moving our operations from Nevada to Manila. Meanwhile, our second campus houses our growing workforce and expanding campaigns.

From both offices, we offer multichannel customer experience, technical support, and back office processes. As a cosmopolitan city, Makati provides access to an abundant supply of multicultural professionals. This enables us to provide our full suite of services in English and in several Asian and European languages.

Davao City, Philippines

To capitalize on its status as an up-and-coming outsourcing hub*, Open Access BPO set up shop in Davao City. This office can give you more budget-friendly options while maintaining the same gold standard the company adheres to.

This locale offers an abundance of skilled, college-educated professionals who are equipped with high-quality communication skills for our client's English language back office needs. We've designated this campus as our backup site for providing uninterrupted solutions since it is less affected by natural calamities,

*Placed in the 2017 and 2018 Tholons Top Global Outsourcing Destinations lists.

Las Vegas, USA

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada is Open Access BPO's business development center. It houses our business development specialists who liaise with our clients, especially those located in the United States. From this office, our company representatives can meet you face-to-face to talk about your outsourcing needs.

Taipei City, Taiwan

Open Access BPO established its first campus outside the Philippines—specifically in Taipei, Taiwan—to ensure its clients a rich and sustainable workforce pool of qualified Mandarin-speaking professionals. We took advantage of Taiwan's strategic position to let clients establish and widen their presence in East Asian countries. The Taipei City facility currently offers call center and back office solutions in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa, and Thai.

Xiamen City, China

Open Access BPO's Xiamen City campus offers customer support solutions built for industries who want to cater specifically to the Chinese audience. We help businesses penetrate the Chinese market while adhering to China’s strict business protocols.

We can create positive customer experiences with the Chinese-speaking audience because our support reps’ cultural knowledge, at lower costs. Leverage the hard-working, highly educated, and culturally knowledgeable Chinese workforce from our Xiamen campus.