We integrate business intelligence, advanced processes, and diversity to deliver operational excellence.

Our Advantage - Facilities


Our campuses are in top outsourcing hubs in Asia, giving us access to highly skilled bilingual talents and enabling our clients to cater to diverse global markets.

Our Advantage - Multilingual


We develop our services to in over 30 languages, enabling our partners to reach out and support their global consumers. Market growth has never been easier.

Our Advantage - Multilingual


We create custom solutions for every business need. Regardless of urgency, size, and service, we can align client goals with operational excellence.

The Open Access Difference

Beyond our industry expertise, we produce measurable sustained results because we embody the difference clients deserve to rise above. There’s a reason why our clients refer our expertise to their friends and colleagues.


Low attrition

High quality

Leading edge tech
& data security

Extensive screening
& training processes


Hands-on management

Open Access BPO believes in a hands-on and collaborative management approach. So, instead of having to rely on mid-level managers, our partners can simply contact our upper management and resolve issues in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, we also ensure a nurturing relationship with our employees while they create valuable experiences with your clients.

Low attrition rate

We reduced our quarterly attrition rate to 3.7% in 2017 from 5.07% in 2016. This means the people working on your campaigns are well-compensated and are highly motivated to help your customers. The result: quality customer support that meets international standards.

High quality standards

Our company upholds the highest standards for every business aspect. From our meticulous recruitment and training processes to our tenured leadership team, down to our quality assurance methods, we implement best practices and measure campaign progress to produce excellent results.

Leading edge tech & data security

We provide our campaigns with the latest telecomputing tools, supported 24/7 by our IT team. Our facilities are protected by stringent security measures and solutions—from biometrics and proximity cards restricting unauthorized access to production floors, to encryption and antimalware apps guarding us device- to network-level from intrusions.

Extensive screening & training processes

We don't just hire anyone qualified for the job; all applicants undergo a rigorous screening process before they can join the company. This includes a series of interviews and assessment. All these are done to ensure every individual who represents Open Access BPO and its accounts is able to live up to the outsourcing deal's standards.

Strategic locations

Our main and secondary campuses are in the Philippines, the world's top choice for call center outsourcing. We also have offices in Taiwan and China. These locations guarantee you access to a highly qualified multilingual workforce. You get the advantages of having a central location catering to your global customer, eliminating the need to station separate teams across the world.

Our advantages are your upper hand. Partner with us.

Open Access BPO