Open Access BPO is an omni-channel customer care and back office support provider serving global internet and technology companies focusing on Travel, Back Office, Medical, and Transportation. The firm offers a wide range of business process solutions, including inbound customer service, outbound sales, non-voice technical support, multilingual call center, and a long list of back office services.

Open Access BPO started out as a telemarketing startup, a sole proprietorship founded by Ben Davidowitz in San Carlos, California in 2006. Not much later, Davidowitz partnered with Henry Chang to start an LLC which later branched out into two operating sites. The company first transferred its facilities to Makati City, Philippines in 2007, later expanding to Taipei, Taiwan in 2014 and Davao City, Philippines the following year.

From only one financial services account, the company now employs more than 1,300 employees handling various accounts from businesses of all sizes and industries, including those that made it to the prestigious Fortune 500 list.


What sets Open Access BPO apart from a plethora of other Philippine-based outsourcing firms is its boutique-style approach to campaigns. Here, clients can customize the solutions they outsource, allowing them full access and control over every aspect of the project as if they are handling an in-house operation. Unlike packages with fixed, pre-selected services, boutique-style firms like Open Access BPO let clients scale the campaign up or down, depending on their specific business needs. This makes the company’ ideal for startups and budding enterprises that want flexibility and tailor-made solutions to their processes.

Operating in a strategic location like the Philippines further makes Open Access BPO a great choice for companies with a wide, scattered market. Entrusting your customers to the firm’s multilingual customer support unit means having a central headquarters that caters to your diverse audience wherever they are in the world. Essentially, Open Access BPO can help bridge the lingual and cultural gap between your brand and your customers.




Open Access BPO is highly committed to providing its valued clients with exceptional business process services. Partnering businesses can witness their outsourced functions reach higher productivity and efficiency levels while reducing operational and labor costs.

By outsourcing to a call center in the Philippines like Open Access BPO, businesses can gain access to state-of the art facilities and technologies, a highly proficient workforce, and quality assurance strategies. With all of these in place,partnering businesses can make the most out of their outsourcing experience and reap profitable outcomes in the future.

With an experienced management team composed of industry experts leading the company, Open Access Bpo promises to deliver satisfying results through its extensive experience in providing call center, non-voice, and multilingual support solutions.

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