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The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry of the Philippines is showing tremendous growth. With the unparalleled potential being offered by the Philippine outsourcing and telemarketing sect, more and more countries are vying to be hailed as the call center hub of the world.


Philippine Outsourcing

If you are looking to decrease top line expenses and increase the bottom line profits by outsourcing to the Philippines, then Open Access BPO has you covered. With the type of employees, facilities, technology, and equipment designed to cater to Fortune 1000 companies but a boutique firm style of management that is custom-made for start-ups, we can help your company reach the next level.

The services we provide are some of the best offered in the Philippines, and so call center and back office tasks would no longer be your burden, as we can take care of your non-specialty business processes while you focus on your core competencies.

When you make a decision to outsource to Open Access BPO, you become our partner and gain access to a country that features a highly educated population that is fluent in English and well-tenured in telemarketing, sales, customer service, programming, design, and e-commerce management, among other popular fields.

Firms all over the world have moved to offset difficult financial times brought about by the recession by tapping BPO in the Philippines as their efficient cost-saving tactic, and for those who chose to partner up with Open Access BPO’s site in the Philippines their call center and non-voice tasks of their businesses now promise a higher output for lower costs.

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Open Access BPO decided to invest in the Philippine outsourcing industry for several reasons. As a forerunner in the BPO and call center industry, the country has a lot to offer in terms of growth, quality, and stability.

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Why So Many Outsource to the Philippines:
The BPO Capital of the World

While several countries are competing to be hailed as the premier BPO hub in the world, the Philippines remains to be the clear leader.

english proficiencyEnglish Proficiency

The Philippines is the only English-speaking country in Asia. It also ranked as the most Business English-proficient country in 2012, beating even the U.S.1 In fact, Filipinos speak with a neutral accent which makes them competitive in the call center and outsourcing industry.

educated workforceEducated Workforce

95% of Filipino call center and outsourcing agents are college graduates with specializations in complex fields of study such as Engineering, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Journalism, and Information Technology, among others.


The local pop culture is saturated with American influence through popular TV shows, music, films, and other Western influences being embraced by Filipinos. Filipinos relate to American English and converse effectively with Westerners.

standard of livingStandard of Living

The Philippines has a viable economy which enables Filipinos to purchase commodities at reasonable prices. Based upon economic differences between the Philippines and the United States, organizations can expand their businesses without hefty overhead costs enabling the workers to live comfortably.

Outsourcing to the Philippines

Facts About Outsourcing To The Philippines


Seven Philippine cities were included in Tholon’s 2013 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations.


Manila ranked 3rd on the said report.


The Philippine BPO sector is estimated to generate 1.6 million new positions by 2016.


BPO firms in the Philippines are among the country’s primary revenue contributors with an estimated 7.8% GDP boost in 2016.


The Philippine BPO Industry earned $13.5 billion revenue in 2012.


Roughly 770,000 BPO jobs were offered in the Philippines in 2012.


The Philippines beat the U.S., UK, and Australia in the 2012 Business English Proficiency Index.

Philippine population

The Philippines…

…has over 7,000 islands. It can have as many as 7107 islands, depending on low or high tide.


…has the most number of boy scouts after the U.S. and Indonesia.


…is the third largest English speaking country in the world.


…has more than 35 million mobile phone subscribers, making it the “Texting Capital of the World”
with 350 to 400 million text messages (SMS) sent daily – more than that of Europe and the United States combined.


…has 175 languages and dialects, and 171 of these are actively used in the country.


…is the world’s largest supplier of expat nurses.


…has the largest migration network in the world with 11 million Filipinos living and working overseas.


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1 Business English Index (BEI) conducted by the Global English Corporation. It is an annual directory
that measures a country’s ability to converse Business English effectively.

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