Benjamin Davidowitz


Mr. Ben Davidowitz founded Open Access BPO in 2006 after being impressed with the English skills of a Filipino call center representative. Since then, he has been spearheading the company’s business development, marketing, and sales campaigns to continue to establish a strong presence in the field of customer support.

Before building his own outsourcing company, Mr. Davidowitz has had over 17 years of senior management experience in fast-paced call center environments. He has built a telemarketing department for two US-based companies: Fisher Investments, a management firm catering to high net worth individuals, and Proxim Wireless, a telecommunications firm in California. He has also managed several sales teams including Citigroup and the CompuServe department for AOL-Time Warner.

Mr. Davidowitz earned his bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University.

Henry Chang


As the co-founder and president of Open Access BPO, Mr. Henry Chang oversees the company’s operations and focuses on expanding its clientele. He has nearly two decades of professional experience in the areas of investment and private wealth management. During that period, he worked for several financial firms such as Fortis Investors, Citibank, and Fisher Investments.

At Fisher Investments, Mr. Chang started out as a senior account executive and then later became a group manager for its telesales department. It was there that he met Mr. Davidowitz, and the bond they formed later drove them to launch Open Access BPO.

Mr. Chang has a degree in Economics from the University of Southern California.

Lisa Jackson

Chief Financial Officer

Bringing more than 20 years of accountancy-focused experience to the company is Ms. Lisa Jackson, a certified public accountant from Boston. Ms. Jackson joined Open Access BPO in 2015 after supervising the financial department of Dinerware for more than six years. She has been an accountant for more than 10 years and a stockbroker for Morgan Stanley in Bellingham, Washington.

On top of overseeing Open Access BPO’s financial affairs, Ms. Jackson also provides business advice and formulates finance management strategies to elevate the company’s outsourcing services even further. She earned her degree in Accounting and Finance from the Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts.

Mike Chang

Operations Manager

Mr. Michael Chang spent about 10 years in the financial sector before becoming part of Open Access BPO in 2012. He has managed the operations of several big banks, including Citibank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

Mr. Chang’s professional experience trained him to become an effective leader in Open Access BPO. As the company’s operations manager, he supervises the daily tasks of the entire production team. He also communicates with several departments to ensure company-wide adherence to pre-established performance standards.

Mr. Chang first studied Economics in San Jose State University then later transferred to California State University—East Bay where he took up Business Administration and Management.

Matthew Narciso

Director of Marketing

Majority, if not all, of Mr. Matthew Narciso’s career was spent in the area of marketing. In Open Access BPO, he heads business development and the company’s marketing campaigns. He leads a team of SEO specialists, digital marketers, graphic designers, and web developers. This allows him to ensure that all components of business and marketing are working toward the company’s goals.

Before Open Access BPO, Mr. Narciso has worked with ReachLocal, a Seattle-based advertising firm, wherein he developed a sales training program for new hires. He also led the marketing division of BTT Worldwide, a customer service provider in California. Mr. Narciso graduated from Oral Roberts University.

Anthony Uson

Legal Counsel

Mr. Anthony Uson has been practicing law since his admission to the Philippine Bar in 2010. During his previous work, he has represented clients hailing from various concentrations including outsourcing, finance, and manufacturing.

Now as Open Access BPO’s in-house legal counsel, Mr. Uson advises the executive team regarding legal issues directly related to business and outsourcing in the Philippines. The inputs he provides are about corporate and commercial transactions, policy implementation, corporate housekeeping, and labor management. Mr. Uson obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from San Beda College of Law after he majored in Legal Management at the University of Santo Tomas.

Rynel Yanes

IT Director

Starting out as an electronics engineer, Mr. Rynel Ryson Yanes shifted to the field of information technology in 2010. After obtaining his Cisco Networking certifications, he began his career at a Philippine-based tech service provider, where he specialized in designing and implementing corporate IT networks. He later served as a network security operations consultant for a major American life insurance company.

Having eight years of experience in the field, Mr. Yanes now leads a team of IT professionals at Open Access BPO. As the IT manager, he oversees the optimization and maintenance of the company’s networks, communication systems, databases, and tech facilities to provide a robust framework for its operations.

Anna Pamatmat

Recruitment Manager

Ms. Pamatmat’s career has its roots in the field of accountancy. However, she ventured into the outsourcing sector when she worked as a call center agent at Global e-Staff/CBPI Staffing Services. In the same company, she was later handpicked to be an investor coordinator and then a human resources manager.

Later in 2008, as one of the pioneer employees of Open Access BPO, Ms. Pamatmat built the team that jumpstarted the company’s operations. Now, she’s leading the human resources division as they source, evaluate, and hire the right candidates to fill the company’s manpower requirements. Ms. Pamatmat holds a degree in Commerce from Saint Paul University.

Angie Cardinez

Senior HR Manager

Angelie Cardinez’ expertise in law and human resources enables her to streamline people management processes at Open Access BPO. A Law graduate from the University of San Carlos, she shifted to the HR field in 2007. With a solid background on labor laws plus hands-on knowledge on employee relations, she leads the company’s efforts to foster an employee-focused culture.

Within her nine-year HR career, Ms. Cardinez has been in several industries, including BPO, hospitality, and manufacturing. Among her most notable achievements is building a workforce team from scratch for a luxury hotel in Manila.

As Open Access BPO’s Senior Human Resources Manager, Ms. Cardinez supervises all aspects of employee management. This includes implementing engagement strategies, improving training programs, and enhancing workplace relations.

Jill Nagtalon

Senior Training Manager

Ms. Jill Nagtalon has always been passionate about education, and this intensified even further after she completed her Organizational Communication degree at the University of the Philippines. To date, she has gathered 10 years of experience in the training and development segment.

She coordinates with trainers, team leaders, and managers in order to equip employees with the right skills. She has built a leadership development training program for the company, which is currently being implemented. All throughout this process, she sets a high bar to ensure that the company meets global standards.