Since 2008, Albania has been maintaining positive economic growth rates despite the regional economic crisis. It may meet its fair share of challenges mostly brought about by a difficult external environment, but Albania is now focused on economic recovery and growth.

For investors, therefore, this area bordered by Macedonia, Kosovo, and Greece is a promising business location. Albania is nurturing a powerful market potential, and brands must be able to capture its target customers to succeed.

To do so, brands need to eliminate the barriers that could prevent them from connecting with the Albanian market, one of which is language.

The Albanian language is spoken by roughly five million people from Albania and its neighboring nations. Many brands find it hard to acquire customer services delivered in Albanian, resulting to plenty of missed opportunities.

Bringing you closer to your Albanian-speaking customers

Open Access BPO will help solve this problem for you. By employing Albanian-speaking call center agents, we help brands that want to market to this area. A Philippine-based outsourcing company, we provide personalized customer service packages. This includes voice and non-voice customer service and tech support, and content moderation.

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