The Albanian language is spoken by over seven million people in Albania and in other countries like Greece, and Turkey.

These Albanian speakers are nurturing a powerful market potential, and brands must be able to capture its target customers to succeed. 

In order to win over this demographic, brands need to eliminate barriers preventing them from forging a lasting connection with it, including language and cultural differences.

Many companies may find this difficult; it doesn’t have to be.  

Bringing you closer to your Albanian-speaking customers

Open Access BPO can help you take the first step by giving your Albanian-speaking customers a truly satisfying customer experience.

Our call center representatives are fluent in the language and they have a deep understanding of the Albanian culture. They’re also highly skilled in the ways of multichannel customer success, enabling them to help shape brand perception and position your company as a trusted name in your industry.

We want to contribute to your success. How can we help?

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