Bahasa Indonesia

The secret to delivering excellent customer service while focusing on sales and advertising is partnering with an efficient contact center that understands the customers on a very personal level.

Being one of the most aggressive markets in the world, Indonesia is a country that Open Access BPO could not take lightly. Bahasa Indonesia is spoken by at least 23 million native speakers. We believe that failing to support this colossal number of customers will not only create a chasm in the Indonesian market, but it will also disrupt many interconnected business relations in the global aspect, given that Indonesia is already an established worldwide market.

The inadequacy of customer service firms that cater to Bahasa Indonesia-speaking customers is a longstanding problem that needs to be addressed. We’re dedicated to turning Bahasa Indonesian customer service into a globally competitive niche.

With offices in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China, Open Access BPO is an outsourcing firm that provides seamless and cost-efficient customer service to Bahasa Indonesia-speaking customers. This is a part of our comprehensive multilingual support solutions comprised of voice and non-voice customer service, technical support, content moderation, and other back office services.

Bringing you closer to your Bahasa Indonesia-speaking customers

Our team of expert agents are trained and primed for the expanding Indonesian market. They are fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and they know the Indonesian culture deeply, enabling them to understand customers intimately. We provide affordable business solutions to attain the highest level of customer loyalty a business could get, along with an impressive increase in brand value and reputation all this without sacrificing quality.

Let Open Access BPO be the outsourcing answer to your Indonesian clients’ needs.

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