China is among the world’s largest economies, powered by various industries, including agriculture, industrial machinery, automobile, and consumer electronics. 

With a population of over a billion, it’s currently among the largest economies by purchasing power. Outside the country, there are millions more who speak the language across every continent, making the Chinese-speaking global population a huge consumer market.

The Chinese language includes varieties such as Mandarin and Cantonese and dialects like Hookien. Businesses wishing to tap this incredible market potential often outsource call center operations as a cost-cutting measure, reducing expenses for operations, staffing, and overhead.

Bringing you closer to your Chinese-speaking customers

With offices in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China, Open Access BPO provides customer service, and technical support, content moderation, and other back office services tailored to Chinese consumers. We help businesses successfully provide cost-efficient, quality services tailored to the intricacies of the Chinese market.

Ride the tide of China’s rising economy and let Open Access BPO help you reach out to the Chinese-speaking market. With customer support solutions and campuses to cater to your Chinese customers, you’re assured your brand becomes well-established in that region.

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