With over 1.3 billion people, China has an undeniably large consumer market. Businesses that wish to tap this incredible market potential often outsource their call center functions as an effective cost-cutting measure, similar to the trend in US-based and other international companies.

Outsourcing not only reduces expenses for staffing overhead, it also supplies the business with qualified professionals to meet the full demand of its potential and current customers. The Philippines is one of the go-to outsourcing locations worldwide, thanks to its strategic location and because it is considerably more affordable than other outsourcing hubs in the US and in Europe. Similarly, we also have offices in Taiwan and China.

Bringing you closer to your Chinese-speaking customers

Open Access BPO provides a range of call center services tailored to the Chinese market. These include customer and technical support, as well as content moderation services, among others. We help businesses successfully provide cost-efficient, quality services tailored to the intricacies of the Chinese market.

For Call Center services, contact us and let Open Access BPO be the outsourcing answer to your Chinese clients’ needs.


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