One of the richest nations in the world, the Netherlands maintains a flexible and competitive market, drawing its strength from high economic freedom and a welcoming environment for investors.

It does, however, conform to a rather egalitarian approach when it comes to customers, regardless of one’s economic stature. This cultural frankness often causes misunderstandings with foreign businesses.

Not a lot of call centers support the Dutch language, unfortunately. This makes it even more difficult for companies to establish connections with the 28 million people around the world who speak it.

Boost your multilingual capacity and establish your brand in the Dutch-speaking market with Open Access BPO’s multilingual business solutions.

Bringing you closer to your Dutch-speaking customers

Open Access BPO’s business solutions include customer service, technical support, content moderation, and other back office services. Delivering these are our skilled multilingual workforce, equipped with the training and are intimately aware of the nuances of the Dutch culture, making sure the quality of transactions goes beyond the expectations of your every customer. 

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