As the seventh largest economy in the European Union, the Netherlands plays a central role in streamlining transportation and stabilizing industrial relations in the region. This country maintains a flexible and competitive market, drawing its strength from high economic freedom and a welcoming environment for investors.

Dutch customers are also among the most empowered ones. Brands wanting to capture this sector must step up their game by providing services that many businesses do not.

One of these is Dutch customer support. By speaking the language of your target customers, interacting with them becomes more meaningful. You can transcend communication barriers and build relationships based on trust.

Bringing you closer to your Dutch-speaking customers

As a multilingual call center, Open Access BPO offers multichannel customer support delivered in the Dutch language. We have a team of agents who can speak and write using this language, and they provide 24/7 customer assistance. Our service packages include customer service, tech support, and content moderation which are customizable according to your needs.

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