While most of the people who speak it are concentrated in the Middle East, Farsi is spoken by over 110 million people worldwide.

International businesses wanting to tap into this market must elevate their multilingual capacity to reach out to their consumers and earn their trust.

But penetrating the Farsi-speaking market takes more than just understanding what your customers need and providing it right when they need it. They must first establish strong linguistic and intimate cultural connections.

Bringing you closer to your Farsi-speaking customers

Open Access BPO offers affordable customer service, technical support, content moderation, and other back office services in English and Farsi. We can help your business connect to the lucrative Middle Eastern market while ensuring strong ties with your customers through our culturally-tailored service approach.

Our call center staff are fluent in Farsi, able to provide high quality customer experience which lets you position your brand among the most trusted names in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and other territories where the language is widely used.

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