Penetrating the Farsi-speaking market takes more than just understanding what your customers need and providing it right when they need it. There has to be linguistic and cultural connections between your business and your market in order to earn your customers’ trust.

Farsi, or the Persian language, is spoken by approximately 110 million speakers around the world. As such, having a team that speaks this language is essential for businesses wanting to penetrate markets that the language is native to. Outsourcing voice and non-voice business services in Farsi can position your brand among the most trusted names in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and other territories where Farsi is widely used.

Open Access BPO can help your business connect to the lucrative Middle-Eastern demographic while ensuring strong ties with your customers through our culturally-tailored service approach. Open Access BPO offers affordable call center services in English and Farsi.

Bringing you closer to your Farsi-speaking customers

With offices in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China, our customer service, technical support, and array of back office solutions are carried out by native-speakers and bilingual professionals. This ensures that the solutions we provide not only comply with business process outsourcing (BPO) standards but are also suitable for the unique needs of your Farsi-speaking customers.

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