Israel is known for its diamond industry, natural gas reserves, and large number of venture capital funds. It also has the biggest number of startups and tech companies, second only to California.

There are nine million Hebrew speakers in Israel and hundreds of thousands more in the US, Europe, and Africa. This market has been massively influential in multinational mega industries, including media and publishing, entertainment, finance, healthcare, and tech.

Aside from offering high quality products and services, capturing this market means providing excellent customer support. Since consumers in this demographic are in different time zones, you also need to support them in their own language 24/7.

Bringing you closer to your Hebrew-speaking customers

If you want to create a strong connection with a demographic this globally prominent, you must boost your cultural capabilities. Let Open Access BPO take care of this for you.

We offer customer service, technical support, and a variety of back office solutions in over 30 languages, including Hebrew. We’ll round up a team of customer success experts who are deeply proficient in the Hebrew language and culture. We’ll customize our business solutions with your goals in mind.

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