With machinery, consumer electronics, vehicles, and pharmaceuticals as its top industries, Hungary is one of the largest export economies in the world.

It has also been a leading European economy for attracting foreign direct investments, with billions of American dollars invested on local and foreign businesses in countries like France, Germany, and Italy. These make the nation an attractive market, with plenty of business opportunities for global companies.

The challenge, however, lies in these global firms’ limited language capability, rendering them unable to cater to the Hungarian-speaking market.

More than 15 million people around the world speak the Hungarian language. It’s one of the official languages of the European Union and is currently the 13th most spoken language in the continent. Outside Hungary, large populations of its speakers reside in different parts of Europe, the US, Brazil, and Israel.

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Open Access BPO’s business solutions are available in both English and Hungarian. Our team of dedicated agents are deeply familiar with the Hungarian culture, enabling them to provide your customers with a truly satisfying customer experience 24/7.

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