Cultural identity is a highly regarded element that drives the economic activity of Italian consumers.

For instance, Italians prefer premium goods, including the quality of the products and the experience provided by the brands they support. They also favor goods that represent the traditions and business values they relate to. 

These behaviors of cultural preservation and preference for high-value products reflect the importance of keeping up with the local standards in doing business the Italian way. So, companies whose consumer base is composed largely of Italians need a customized approach to please their market. 

Bringing you closer to your Italian-speaking customers

Open Access BPO, a firm specializing in custom solutions, can be your partner in providing quality business solutions to bridge any gaps between your business and your Italian customers. 

Not only do our customer support and back office professionals speak the language fluently, they re also intimately familiar with the genuine Italian way of life. This linguistic and cultural affinity between our Italian-native workforce and your customers will give a higher assurance that your services will pass the high standards of your Italian consumers.

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