Customer service may just be another unit of operations for many businesses, but for brands with Japanese consumers, this business aspect is regarded with the same level of importance as the executive level functions of the company.

In Japan, customer service is a form of art. Japanese businesses don’t simply deliver what is expected of them; they see to it that customers leave satisfied and return with only positive words about their customer experience.

The way the Japanese people do business is both highly professional and traditional despite their society’s high tech culture. It is a trait that they take pride in, and it should similarly be the trait you must possess if you’re planning to make it into their market.

Bringing you closer to your Japanese-speaking customers

Open Access BPO can be your guide in exploring the vast opportunities you could harness from the Nihongo-speaking niche. Having a deep understanding about Japanese culture and a long experience in the outsourcing field, we provide customized solutions that will pass your meticulous Japanese clients’ own definition of customer service.

Our customer service and technical support solution teams are manned by skilled Nihongo-speaking professionals who are dedicated to your clients. Contact us today to start outsourcing Nihongo BPO solutions.



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