Aside from its massive cultural influence in the world, South Korea is known as one of the world’s biggest economic powers in Asia.

South Korea is the 11th largest economy in the world, with textile, steel, shipbuilding, car manufacturing, and consumer electronics among its main industries. South Korean consumers enjoy high quality products and are drawn to luxury lifestyle goods from the brands they support.

Since they re also tech savvy and can be pragmatic spenders, they research about products and brands before they start shopping. So, similar to the Japanese, they expect seamless and impeccable customer support to go with the products they purchase.

Bringing you closer to your Korean-speaking customers

Establishing your business’ presence in this thriving nation country, however, takes more than just having a good product.

Partnering with Open Access BPO allows you to secure your position in the bustling South Korean market through our customer support solutions. Our workforce is equipped with both cultural and linguistic skills needed to cater to Korean customers, allowing you to connect with them. Grow with us and keep up with the rapidly rising South Korea.

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