Your decision to penetrate the rich Norwegian market is an intelligent move toward agility and diversification. Indeed, Norway has one of the biggest economies in the world. It consistently ranks highly on GDP indexes, indicating that its people embrace a very high living standard.

Connecting with Norwegian customers is also made easier by the country’s market flexibility, which combines both capitalist systems and social democracy. This economic framework fuels the growth of enterprises while protecting the welfare of all its constituents.

For your brand to secure a stable niche in Norway’s bustling market, your customer service must be of the highest quality. Open Access BPO can be your guide as you aim to establish a strong and fruitful relations with Norwegian customers. With offices in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China, we are a multilingual call center that nurtures a team of customer care associates who are exceedingly proficient in the Norwegian language. This way, you can get in touch with your customers without having to worry about language and cultural differences.

Bringing you closer to your Norwegian-speaking customers

Our Norwegian customer service team is the ideal companion as you explore endless business opportunities in a highly advanced nation. We provide custom-tailored BPO services that will satisfy the standards and preferences of the dynamic Norwegian market.

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