For a country with a high-income economy, you might expect Polish consumers to be overspenders. They are however, cost-conscious and practical.

They weigh their purchases well, considering the value the goods and services they intend to buy. This means learning about the durability of a product and knowing they would receive sufficient and convenient support from the company behind it. But once they re satisfied, they re willing to pay extra for premium goods and tend to be loyal supporters of the brand.

How can you ensure consistently excellent customer experience for your Polish-speaking customers? 

No matter the purchasing capacity and the market behavior of an economy, it s still your communication approach that keeps people satisfied and even loyal to your brand.

Bringing you closer to your Polish-speaking customers

Open Access BPO has the solutions that can foster a true connection between your business and your market. Using Polish as the main language for delivering customer service and technical support, your Polish-speaking customers will be able to relay concerns and receive assistance without any linguistic or contextual hindrances.

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