For a country with a high-income economy, you might expect Polish customers to be overspenders, but in truth, they are cost-conscious and practical. What is the right business approach to use in a market with a contrasting consumer behavior such as Poland’s?

The answer lies in the way you deliver customer support. No matter the purchasing capacity and the market behavior of an economy, it is still your communication approach that keeps people satisfied and even loyal to your brand.

Open Access BPO has the solutions that can foster a true connection between your business and your market. Using Polish as the main language for delivering customer service and technical support, your Polish-speaking customers will be able to relay concerns and receive assistance without any linguistic or contextual hindrances.

Bringing you closer to your Polish-speaking customers

We cater to budding enterprises and established corporations alike, including those recognized by the Fortune 500 list. This means that we can provide business processes solutions that are suitable to luxury brands based in Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, and other territories where using the Polish language is prevalent.

We offer a cost-effective outsourcing experience that will enable your business to communicate with your Polish customers through phone, live chat, or email channels. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your Polish outsourcing needs.


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