Expanding your business to the Portuguese-speaking market takes more than just offering high quality products or services. You need to give exceptional customer support to your diverse customer base to ensure successful business growth. How do you achieve this? By offering customer care, technical support, and back office services in their native Portuguese language.

The Portuguese language is spoken by at least 250 million people across the world. It holds the official language status in nine countries, including Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, and East Timor. This makes Portuguese not only the third most spoken European language, but also the sixth most spoken language in the entire world.

If you are an international business wanting to explore the vast opportunities in these territories where Portuguese is widely used, there is no other way to go but to offer customer support in their language of preference. Open Access BPO can be your partner in delivering exceptional bilingual call center services to your Portuguese-speaking customers.

Bringing you closer to your Portuguese-speaking customers

Based in the Philippines, Open Access BPO takes advantage of its strategic location by tapping bilingual professionals in the country and recruiting them as customer support agents. Our Portuguese call center services include customer care, technical support, sales, and various back office services like content moderation.

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