Sweden is recognized as a diverse and highly competitive economy, noted as one of the richest countries in the European Union.

With a higher purchasing power than most countries in Europe, its citizens are used to a high standard of living and have high expectations from the brands they support. 

Additionally, Swedes value convenience and efficiency, which is why they have a healthy ecommerce market. They conduct purchases and other transactions via their smartphones on-the-go.

This means brands seeking to tap the Swedish market need to up the ante on customer service by giving Swedish-speaking customers a premium experience, especially on digital platforms.

Bringing you closer to your Swedish-speaking customers

No matter what your industry may be, Open Access BPO’s Swedish customer service experts will help you bridge gaps as you aim to be part of Europe’s dynamic growth. We deliver a range of high end BPO services to help you connect with millions of Swedish-speaking consumers worldwide. 

Our BPO solutions include customer service, technical support, and back office solutions like data entry and content moderation.

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