With a growing market comes a great need for efficient customer support. It’s impossible for a business to be continuously successful without adhering to the customers’ needs.

Thailand’s recent economic accomplishments were so impressive that its companies and consumers immediately caught the world’s attention. Lauded as the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, Thailand is now home to a thriving market composed of foreign and local businesses of all sizes.

For Open Access BPO, this is no trivial piece of information. Ignoring the large number of customers who need to be catered to could contribute to the large void that disconnects brands from consumers. In fact, an increasing number of businesses reaching out to the Thai consumer base search for solutions to successfully accommodate their clientele, which composes of more than 20 million Thai-speaking customers. Across the globe, over 40 million consumers who speak Thai (or Siamese) as second language wait to be accommodated.

Bringing you closer to your Thai-speaking customers

To efficiently bridge the gap between Thai-speaking consumers and brands, we have put up our own customer service team. It is comprised of talented professionals who not only speak the Thai language proficiently, but also intimately know the nation’s culture to ensure that your customers receive exceptional support 24/7.

For Thai Call Center services, contact us today and let Open Access BPO be the outsourcing answer to your Thai customers’ needs.



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