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Accuracy is a key component of technical support, so it needs to be delivered through a channel that ensures precise information relay from tech experts to the common users. While voice-based platforms are great contacting means, there’s a more suitable customer service channel where intricate instructions are thoroughly worded by agents and completely understood by customers.

For one, it eliminates telecommunication charges while expanding your reach to a greater number of people. Emails also leave little room for miscommunication, as written messages are generally straightforward and clear. Unlike in phone calls where exchanges happen real-time and where words tend to be misheard, email messages can be saved for later use. So, customers can refer to the sent-out solutions over and over again, especially in cases when they encounter the same problem in the future.

It’s understandable for business-to-business correspondences to prefer email for the professional impression, accuracy, and documentation purposes it provides. Common users, on the other hand, choose this web-based tool mainly because it is easy to use and efficient. With one click on a computer or a tap on a smartphone, people can easily reach establishments they mean to do business with.

You can receive a large influx of messages all at once through one address, and these tickets can be handled by a smaller number of staff compared with what you need to maintain a call center team. However, you can only have this advantage if you partner with the right Email Support provider.

Open Access BPO can be that partner. With our long experience in delivering non-voice customer support, we can optimize Email into a contacting avenue that your customers prefer to use.


Let your customers reach you easily and provide real-time assistance in all available forms of communication. With Email being one of the most prominent medium used by 92% of all Internet users, this channel is one way of elevating your customer service level through the multi-channeling approach.

Open Access BPO’s Email Support solution can help you answer customer queries using our time-tested communication and customer service strategies. Requests will be reviewed and processed by a team of highly skilled individuals trained to apply customer care ethics and professional correspondence in Email.

Increase overall productivity, boost client satisfaction, and improve your company’s bottom line through our Email Support solutions.

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