Inbound Customer Service

Providing reliable customer service is the single most important part of retaining business.

Without it, you wouldn’t be able to build a solid consumer base that will stay loyal to your brand no matter how much time and resources you devote to new customer acquisition. But if you have other crucial matters to prioritize, how will you be able to focus on your customers’ satisfaction without compromising your core competencies? The answer is through inbound customer service outsourcing.

The Philippines, being the world’s top choice for call center solutions, is an ideal place to set up your customer service departments. Open Access BPO mainly operates in Makati City, the country’s premier business district, and Davao City, the next prime hub for Philippine outsourcing. This means that our clients can have access to the best practices and highly qualified workforce that drive the Philippine outsourcing industry.

Meanwhile, outsourcing to our production sites in Taiwan and China has also proven to be beneficial in fortifying our clients’ presence in East Asia, enabling them to expand their businesses while creating gapless customer experiences.

By partnering with us, you will be able to provide 24/7 assistance to your customers, whether through the phone, email, or live chat. We deliver this through our world-class facilities, management approach, communication strategies, and employee training methods.

Our language-proficient agents can guarantee that your customers will receive utmost care using the tone and image your brand wants to uphold.

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