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You may have your main communication channels like the phone lines and email in place, but are you sure that those are what your customers truly prefer to use to contact you? You might be missing out on a consumer-business channel could widen your contacting options while keeping your costs low. Open Access BPO has a web-based tool that harnesses both the convenience of email and the real-time interactivity of phone calls.

Live chat presents a perfect middle ground between the phone and email that customers prefer to use while they’re browsing your website or when they’re on the go. It makes sense to send short messages instead of waiting for a phone representative to be available if you want quick answers for minor concerns. This is why live chat is steadily gaining ground as a customer support platform, as people appreciate the convenience and efficiency it offers.

Outsourcing Live Chat Support can help your company gain a competitive edge in your industry, and can boost profits brought by the platform’s cost-efficiency and proactive customer service. With a live chat program in place, you could reduce telco charges, as directing questions to this channel can lessen call volume of your contact center. Chat representatives also have the capability to hold multiple sessions with different customers simultaneously, which can be hard to accomplish via phone.

Provide your customers a real-time solution minus the waiting period that is commonly associated with other support platforms.


Live Chat Support is ideal for companies that want to widen the contacting means they offer to their customers. With the increasing demands and expectations of today’s web-savvy public, placing an instant messaging program on your corporate or e-commerce website is a way of addressing your market’s need for greater availability. It is a move towards the proactive and multi-channeled customer care that people seek from the businesses they support.

Open Access BPO can complement your website with a professionally designed chat box. Manning the program will be our agents who can provide personal assistance to each visitor, while creating cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for your products. Partnering with us can make your customer service approach more proactive while increasing both your market engagement rates and profits.

Answer customers’ questions in real-time, convert one-time visitors into frequent buyers, and provide proactive assistance through our Live Chat Support solutions.

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