Live Chat

Even with the phone and email, customers still want a quicker,
more convenient way to reach you.

In customer support, live chat presents a perfect middle ground between phone and email. It’s a stress-free way for the customer to seek assistance without demanding too much of their attention, letting them multitask and go about their daily lives.

For companies like yours, live chat offers an inexpensive platform for enhancing the customer experience quality, influence consumer loyalty, and boost sales.

Open Access BPO analyzes your business and develops programs to address your company s unique needs and goals. Our customer support teams operate 24/7 from our offices in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China, supporting more than 30 Asian and European languages.


We offer customer service in these channels



Live Chat



Email Support

Email support lets customers reach brands via their phone or desktop, making it highly useful for concerns requiring accuracy and real-time assistance.

Phone Support

Despite the popularity of digital platforms, customers still prefer to reach the brands they support over the phone.

Live Chat

Instant and on-the-go support gives brands a competitive edge. Boost profitability with proactive support to enhance the customer experience.

In-App Support

By providing in-app support, brands up the ante on truly satisfying customer experience.

SMS Support

Boost customer experience by reaching your customers using the most convenient platform for them—text messaging.

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