Technical Support

For companies under the tech and electronic industries, the business-consumer relationship doesn’t end when a sale is made. 

Every tech product and service you provide must come with top-of-the-line technical support. It could be difficult, however, if you do not have the manpower to respond to large volumes of voice technical support issues on a daily basis. Here’s where Open Access BPO can help you.

If you are looking for voice-based technical support that does more than just relay information over the phone, Open Access BPO can offer a solution where agents make sure that instructions are well-understood by the recipient.

Our technical support agents are not just IT experts; they are also trained to empathize with customers and break down complex technical data into steps that common users can easily digest. Furthermore, we ensure complete connection between the tech support agent and the customer by delivering instructions in the language and communication approach best preferred by customers.


We offer customer service in these channels



Live Chat



Email Support

Email support lets customers reach brands via their phone or desktop, making it highly useful for concerns requiring accuracy and real-time assistance.

Phone Support

Despite the popularity of digital platforms, customers still prefer to reach the brands they support over the phone.

Live Chat

Instant and on-the-go support gives brands a competitive edge. Boost profitability with proactive support to enhance the customer experience.

In-App Support

By providing in-app support, brands up the ante on truly satisfying customer experience.

SMS Support

Boost customer experience by reaching your customers using the most convenient platform for them—text messaging.

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