Outsourcing to Philippine call centers has proven to be a worthy move for businesses seeking to lower labor and operational costs without sacrificing customer service quality. Excelling in the areas of cost- efficiency and competent talents, the Philippines’ call center sector cemented its rightful place in the global outsourcing industry.

The outsourcing potential

The country's business process outsourcing (BPO) sector is spearheaded by the voice service segment that carries mostly customer support roles for a dominantly US-based market. Looking at the Philippine BPO's history at a glance will show how significantly short the time it took for the call center business to evolve as a bustling economic pillar after its discreet arrival more than a decade ago.

Call center industry growth

Initially offering customer service and technical support roles for retail and service-providing firms, the industry branched out to processes that require higher-level expertise. Now, it's common for Philippine call center companies to handle accounts under professional service industries like healthcare management, legal, research and development, and finance and accounting.

The Filipino workforce

It is the country's highly competent workforce that mainly propelled the call center industry atop other BPO segments in the Philippines. As most agents are college-educated, bilingual, and immersed in the Western culture, businesses prefer to entrust their customers to neutrally-accented Filipinos than to workers from other Asian BPO hubs. This is the same factor that helped the Philippines earn the nod of the majority of the world's voice service market.

The future of Philippine call center industry

At present, the country controls the call center game by catering to about 30% of the total market share. Proof to this can be seen in how 70% of India’s voice service outsourcing market transferred to the Philippines in 2014, making Manila the second best outsourcing destination in the world. Feats such as these only show how far the Philippine call center industry has come and how much farther it can go in the future.

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