You can’t truly say that you’ve got a strong hold on your market until your customers are highly satisfied with your service. And to attain a service quality worth sticking with, a business must use an approach that addresses the unique consumer needs of their market.

The approach that you need is localization through multilingual customer service and technical support solutions. Russian-speaking customers in and out of Eastern Europe have growing and changing demands that you can address better by communicating using the language that they prefer.

As Russian is widely spoken in countries with lucrative markets, delivering services using this language is a crucial step towards positioning your brand among the highly trusted names in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and other nations where the language is prevalent. With more than 400 million speakers all over the world, outsourcing Russian call center solutions will prove to be a worthy move given the vast number of people waiting to be assisted in the language that they’re most comfortable with.

Bringing you closer to your Russian-speaking customers

Open Access BPO can help you deliver Russian customer service and technical support solutions via voice and non-voice channels. Our agents are both native and second language speakers to ensure that they meet the language requirements and understand the culture of the Russian-speaking market.

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