For decades, Russia has been one of the world’s foremost economic superpowers.

Thus, with their high purchasing power, establishing a market presence in Russia is an appealing investment for a business thinking of expanding. Even more so when you consider that in addition to more than 150 million people in Russia, millions more speak the language in other parts of the world.

To tap this global market, your business must speak Russian to establish and grow your consumer base and provide them with a thoroughly satisfying customer experience. This means developing your multilingual capabilities by partnering with a reliable multicultural call center.

Bringing you closer to your Russian-speaking customers

A culturally diverse outsourcing company, Open Access BPO is recognized as a dependable provider of customer support, content management, and back office solutions. These scalable services are available in over 30 languages and delivered by our team of multilingual professionals who speak the Russian language and have a deep understanding of the nation’s culture. All this to help you establish and earn your consumers’ loyalty and ensure your business growth.

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