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Content moderation solutions for social media platforms and review websites

Content moderation is a review process that enables you to decide which type of user generated content will be edited, approved, or rejected. Aside from ensuring that your site is free from unacceptable material, content moderation also has the added bonus of protecting you from planted reviews and biased commentary. With unlimited amounts of photos, posts, and comments uploaded by Internet users on an hourly basis, how will you make sure that your site provides a user friendly experience for all?


As the owner of a review website, corporate blog line, or social media platform, managing the content that users post on your website is of the utmost importance as it heavily reflects on your brand and will determine your site’s popularity and user friendliness.

Open Access BPO has been delivering professional content moderation services to both social media platforms and review websites for years. From top ranked travel review sites to top 10 social media networks, Open Access is relied upon as the content moderation outsourcing solution in the Philippines for businesses all over the world.

Open Access features a workforce that is composed of highly trained and experienced content moderation experts that are equipped with state of the art facilities. We can offer solutions to moderate text comments, digital photo galleries, profiles, and any other type of content that your site may attract to ensure your policies and best interests are being carefully monitored on a 24/7 basis.

For custom content moderation services, email us at or call us at 1.888.888.1519 and let Open Access BPO be the answer to your outsourcing needs.

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