Phone Support

Despite the popularity of digital platforms, customers still prefer to reach the brands they support over the phone.

The massive growth of multichannel communication doesn’t spell the end of traditional phone-based customer care. If consumers want a quicker way to handle payment-related concerns, update their accounts details, and deal with complex technical issues in real-time, then calling the call center hotline is the way to go.

The convenience of phone-based customer support significantly contributes to customer experience quality. This reflects on a company’s reliability and reputation as a trusted brand in their respective niches.

Open Access BPO is dedicated to helping companies grow and thrive as reputable brands. With our long experience delivering high quality customer service, we develop business solutions fit for each of our clients. Our customer experience services are designed to match the needs of both budding enterprises and established corporations.

Our customer service and technical support call center solutions are delivered 24/7 and offered in over 30 languages from our offices in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China. This ensures seamless service delivery to your international customers.

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