Call Center Attrition and Turnover: Average Rates and Common Causes

April 4, 2014

Open Access BPO explored the various factors contributing to the frequent instances of attrition and turnover that plague contact centers worldwide. Basing on performance statistics and employment figures of real call centers, the research found that turnover rates vary by industry, company size, employee role, and employee age. The most common form of attrition is also revealed, along with the top reasons behind a call center agent’s decision to quit. Find out if your business is under the company categories where attrition and turnover rates are the highest. See if your call center’s management practices, recruitment strategies, and role delegation schemes match with your agents’ capability to cope with their position’s demands. Aiming to serve as a guide for call centers to maximize employee tenure, this report hopes to help leaders provide a better workplace setting where job satisfaction gives employees less reasons to resign.