Don’t Outsource to the Philippines Until You Have Asked These Questions

September 10, 2014

Any business venture goes through a prerequisite series of processes to determine its feasibility and how it could benefit all the parties involved. In an outsourcing deal, this phase usually starts with questions that solutions providers must answer ideally. Open Access BPO guides you through the path towards knowing your prospective outsourcing partners--their capacity to fulfill your business processes and carry out operations even under crisis. In our research paper titled Don't Outsource To The Philippines Until You Have Asked These Questions we list down 10 essential components of outsourcing success and explore them in question form. Here, we pinpoint the areas you need to consider before entrusting a unit of your business to a Philippine-based firm. With questions that you should uniquely ask to a company that operates in Asia’s outsourcing capital, you can have a higher assurance of finding the right BPO firm to partner with. Download the free research paper to see all 10 questions that you should ask your potential outsourcing provider, under topics ranging from its business longevity and tax compliance, to employee well-being and technological competence.