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The Philippines was named the world’s
best country in business English proficiency

according to a recent study by Global English Corporation.

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Businesses outsourcing to a call center in the Philippines can get the most out of the venture if they partner with a service provider that has a long outsourcing experience, vast knowledge of the field, and deep understanding of your unique business needs. Open Access BPO can be that partner and guide in giving your company a growth rate that is greater than the pace we are on.

We make it a point to study your demands and match them with the right solutions, so that our services are custom-fit to the nature of your business and the profile of your consumer base. For us, every outsourcing contract means more than just supplying you with people who will carry out your business processes; we deliver service following the image and values your brand upholds.


Open Access BPO takes pride in the wide spectrum of services we offer to our international clients. Designed to be globally competitive, our back office and call center services will not only improve the execution of your essential business functions, but will also empower you to grow and expand to new markets.

Our location alone can already give you a competitive edge. Operating in the Philippines gives you access to a well-educated bilingual workforce and the best BPO practices that helped the country earn the biggest voice service market share all over the world. These are the same assets that prompted 70% of India’s call center outsourcing clientele to transfer and entrust their customer support unit to the Philippines. Our voice service functions cover inbound and outbound telemarketing, technical support, and customer service delivered in 20 languages.

Our non-voice solutions are likewise carried out using world-class resources, including our workforce, technologies, strategies, and facilities. Led by our content moderation unit, our back office processes will maintain the quality, tone, and identity of the content on web pages that represent your trade name. Other services such as data management, e-commerce services, and lead generation are done under strict quality assurance methods to ensure accuracy and value over the information we generate and store.


The Philippines has been recognized as a global leader in business process outsourcing for the past decade. Outsourcing to the Philippines can equip you with an extension office manned by an expert workforce. Here, you can tap the expertise of specialists, centralize your operations, and do away with numerous domestic overhead costs. Despite its status as the call center hub of the world, the Philippines remains to be the most cost-effective outsourcing destination as well.

The country’s BPO industry is teeming with bilingual professionals, particularly in the voice service niche. This asset is mainly why the Philippines controls the majority of the global call center market share, with almost 30% of outsourcing clients entrusting their operations to Philippine-based BPO firms. The positive reputation is largely attributed to the Filipino people’s excellent use of the English language, which helped the country earn recognitions such as the following:

  • Consistent spot holder in the Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations Rankings of esteemed advisory firm, Tholons (Seven Philippine cities are included in the current Tholons rankings, with Metro Manila holding the second place.)
  • The country with the most English-proficient workplaces, as hailed by GlobalEnglish Corporation’s Business English Index
  • UK National Outsourcing Association’s Offshoring Destination of the Year 2009

Locally, the Philippine BPO industry is well-supported by public and private sectors alike for its immense contribution to economic growth. Some of the industry’s milestones include the following:

  • Became the economy’s main growth driver along with foreign remittances sent by overseas Filipino workers
  • Generated thousands of jobs every year, helping the country’s employment rate rise to its present rate of 93.3%
  • Made steady annual revenue increase by reaching the $15.5 billion worth in 2013 and exceeding the estimated 15% growth rate by 2%
  • Heightened the demand for office space, consumer goods, and 24/7 food establishments, thus making Metro Manila the ASEAN region with the highest office space absorption rate and the 12th best real estate investment prospect for 2013
  • Earned the trust of most western markets, with 80% of the total call center clientele composing of American companies

The country’s outsourcing industry also boasts of its capability to handle higher-skill tasks and not just low-skill roles that are commonly associated with customer service jobs. Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is a thriving segment in Philippine BPO, as foreign markets send out these among many other core functions to the country:

  • Healthcare information management
  • Research and development
  • Web design and development
  • Legal services
  • Information Technology

High Quality Multilingual Solutions

Companies with a diverse consumer base can establish a central operations unit with Open Access BPO instead of having multiple satellite offices across international territories. Outsourcing to a call center in the Philippines gives you quick access to neighboring countries that are only hours away, which is an ideal setting for businesses that cater to various Asian markets. This advantage, plus our pool of bilingual workforce, can help you provide your customers the kind of convenience and connection that can only be brought by lingual and cultural understanding.

Our multilingual call center and back office solutions are handled by native speakers and highly proficient second language users. It is our culturally diverse location that makes it easy to source language-skilled professionals who will attend to your customers and take care of your other business processes.

From voice-based customer support to language-specific content moderation, we communicate with the unique lingual context and location-based demands in mind. This enables us to help you penetrate new markets and give you a global brand status through localization.

Emerging and established markets alike have growing and changing consumer needs that you could better address with a personalized approach. In the West where consumer behaviors tend to be more individualistic, the customer assistance you provide must be personalized to give people control over their preferred channels and when they would like to receive help. Asian consumers, on the other hand, are often the ones who like to be up-to-date with trends, so your approach must be in line with trends as well.

As of the moment, our firm delivers voice and non-voice solutions in 20 European and Asian languages, including Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Bahasa (Indonesia and Malaysia), Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Farsi, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.