#UnitedByLove: Open Access BPO Makati Celebrates Pride

JV Razal Published on July 4, 2024

Capping off Pride Month, Open Access BPO Makati hosted #UnitedByLove: The Open Access BPO Pride Party 2024 at the Enderun Tent in Taguig City on June 28th.

Reggae band Collie Herb during the Open Access BPO Pride Party

Setting the celebratory mood, Collie Herb, a familiar face at Open Access BPO’s Manila events in recent years, kicked off the party with a reggae set of steady grooves and upbeat, swinging numbers.

CEO Ben Davidowitz then took to the stage to extend a warm welcome to everyone, highlighting the evening’s purpose: a celebration of diversity and inclusion within our esteemed teams.

Open Access BPO CEO Ben Davidowitz addresses attendees of the #UnitedByLove Pride PartyCompany CEO Ben Davidowitz warmly welcomes attendees to the #UnitedByLove: The Open Access BPO Pride Party.

#UnitedByLove was the theme for the company’s Pride Month activities. It celebrates love as a powerful force that brings people together, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. This theme reflects Open Access BPO’s commitment to fostering a safe and brave workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

Open Access BPO employee coloring the during the OABPO Pride Party 2024 Open Access BPO employee coloring the during the OABPO Pride Party 2024

Guests enthusiastically participated in the event’s interactive elements. They collaborated in coloring the giant coloring sheet and captured celebratory moments at the photo booths.

Open Access BPOs having fun on the photobooths during the OABPO Pride Party 2024 Open Access BPOs having fun on the photobooths during the OABPO Pride Party 2024

The program continued with the much-anticipated showcase of entries from the PrideFlix video contest. Participants submitted videos celebrating LGBTQIA+ stories. The winners were awarded with plaques and cash prizes.

Rivermaya during the OABPO Makati Pride Party 2024

Pinoy music icon, Rivermaya, then graced the stage, serenading everyone with their greatest hits, including “Elesi,” “214,” “Kisapmata,” and “You’ll Be Safe Here.”

But the music didn’t stop there as Collie Herb returned for more reggae tunes.

Open Access BPO’s resident drag artist, Honey Bravo, also showed up for a drag performance. As the night went on, our teammates DJ Siddfrey and Gerald blasted some party music to keep the Pride energy going.

The night was a colorful celebration of love, acceptance, and self-expression. With a renewed sense of community and purpose, attendees carried the spirit of Pride forward.

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