4 Words telemarketing agents should use during sales calls

4 Words telemarketing agents should use during sales calls

September 17, 2014

4 Words telemarketing agents should use during sales calls- Open-Access-BPO
Business to business telemarketing agents constantly face the challenge of finding out how to use their conversation skills in closing sales deals with clients. Telemarketing is twice as hard as face-to-face sales presentations because outbound sales agents can t utilize their own and their prospects body language to navigate the conversation and make it more compelling.

The language your sales team uses during sales calls is therefore a crucial factor that can make or break your sales productivity. Telemarketers must be taught about words to use during a sales call in order to convince business representatives to seal the deal. Here are some focus words that can create a great impact on the purchasing decision of your business prospects:

4 Words telemarketing agents should use during sales calls- Open-Access-BPO--

1. “Must”

Product features show how your prospects can use your merchandise, but it s the promised benefits that will ultimately convince them to make a sale. If you present your product as something that is generically good, your prospects won t see the exact value it can bring to them. Instead of narrating how to use your product, prove to your prospects how it can change their lives for the better. They must know why your product answers their need and not just their want.

2. “Special”

If your business offers products or services that are made available by other established brands, the best way to close a deal is by proving how you stand out from the competition. Explain what makes your product special or unique. Do you have an exclusive offer for first-time buyers? Does your business reward loyalty? Prospects must learn that they can expect significant changes by using your product. The reason why you re calling clients is to make a sale. But, what will truly make them do so is knowing that you have the best, and not just one of the many, solution to their woes.

3. “True”

When you use words that are related or synonymous to “real” or “honest”, you are trying to establish a more solid connection with the client by projecting an image of credibility and trustworthiness. This means that the arguments you use in persuading prospects to buy your product must be based on solid facts. By making use of user testimonials that portray real life experiences of other customers instead of exaggerated claims, you can convince more clients to do business with you.

4 Words telemarketing agents should use during sales calls- Open-Access-BPO---

4. “Now”

Including a date or time frame in your sales call can create a sense of urgency that will make buying your product an immediate or necessary move for your prospects. Don t break the momentum by giving customers the option of calling you in case they finally made a decision. If your prospects request for time to think things over, set a schedule for a follow-up call and get back to them on the agreed time. And when they are ready to purchase your products, don t delay the processing of the sale. Be specific with dates and carry out sales tasks as soon as possible.

Needless to say, you can t make a successful sales offer by just mentioning these terms during your sales talk. These aren t magic words that will instantly elicit positive purchasing decisions. It all boils down to fully understanding what ideas these focus words emphasize and strategically combining them to create a winning sales speech.

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