7 Types of Employees You’ll Meet in the Contact Center

Faith Ocampo Published on February 2, 2017 Last updated on May 28, 2023

Behind every successful contact center lies a diverse and dedicated workforce that keeps the wheels of customer service turning.

Within these bustling hubs of communication, you’ll encounter a fascinating array of individuals, each contributing their unique skills and characteristics to the overall operation.

young contact center agents in bright clothes during coffee break

And while these groups of people may have the same type of jobs under different programs and departments, that doesn’t mean they have the same personality and way of doing their job.

Today, we explore the vibrant tapestry of contact center employees, highlighting seven distinct types that you’re bound to meet along the way.

From the customer service gurus who excel in empathy and problem-solving to the tech whizzes who navigate the complex landscape of technology, get ready to discover the diverse cast that makes a contact center thrive.

  1. The Social Butterfly

    The Social Butterfly is an extroverted type of employee who aims to have a sense of belonging in the workplace. While working, they perform best when the group dynamic is running smoothly. Therefore, they seek harmonious relationships with their coworkers.

    happy contact center agents having fun in cafeteria during coffee break


    These contact center employees excel in building positive relationships with their coworkers, fostering a harmonious work environment. Their ability to create a sense of belonging and teamwork enhances collaboration and communication within the contact center, leading to improved efficiency and a stronger team dynamic.


    The challenge lies in ensuring that their need for harmonious relationships doesn’t disrupt the overall team dynamic or create cliques.

    Best Management Approach:

    Encourage team-building activities, foster a supportive work environment, and promote open communication. Provide opportunities for social interaction while maintaining a focus on productivity and collaboration.

  2. The Achiever

    Noticeably the goal-oriented type, Achievers have the most intense focus out of everyone on this list. This type of employee always has an organized way of getting things done. They try to be as efficient as possible and being recognized for their hard work gets them going.

    contact center team applauding high achiever


    Goal-oriented contact center employees with a focus on efficiency play a crucial role in meeting targets and deadlines. Their organized approach to tasks and dedication to achieving results drive productivity within the contact center. Recognizing and rewarding their hard work further motivates them to consistently perform at a high level.


    Achievers may become overly focused on their goals, potentially neglecting teamwork or burning out due to high expectations.

    Set clear goals and provide regular feedback. Recognize and reward their achievements to keep them motivated. Encourage a healthy work-life balance and help them prioritize tasks to avoid burnout.

  3. The Leader

    As anyone would expect, Leaders are confident and charismatic. They are also responsible and capable of multitasking. Another winning quality for this type of employee is their ability to know people well and delegate which tasks would suit them best.

    contact center leader crossed arms in the middle of customer experience team


    Confident and charismatic, Leaders possess the skills needed to inspire and motivate their colleagues. They excel at multitasking and have a deep understanding of people, enabling them to delegate tasks effectively based on individual strengths.


    Leaders may sometimes take on too many responsibilities, neglecting their own tasks or becoming overwhelmed by managing others.

    Best Management Approach:

    Support their leadership skills by providing training and mentoring opportunities. Delegate appropriate responsibilities to leverage their strengths while ensuring they have time to focus on their own tasks. Encourage them to develop a collaborative leadership approach.

  4. The Thinker

    Thinkers are quiet yet ambitious. They use their brains fully to become well-versed in their job. However, they do this only for the sake of being good and not necessarily to be recognized by their peers. Ask Thinkers about their career path and they will have a detailed explanation for it.

    contact center agent smart in glasses holding tablet


    Thinkers are quietly ambitious, using their intellect to become well-versed in their roles. They pursue excellence not for external recognition, but for personal fulfillment. Ask a Thinker about their career path, and they will provide a detailed explanation.


    Thinkers may be introverted and prefer independent work, potentially missing out on opportunities for collaboration and social interaction.

    Best Management Approach:

    Create a balance between independent work and collaboration. Provide them with challenging and intellectually stimulating tasks. Recognize and appreciate their contributions, even if they don’t seek external recognition.

  5. The Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurs crave innovation and making a big difference. This type of employee has a mindset that s hardwired towards problem-solving. The Entrepreneur can easily be found during meetings as they are active in making suggestions and contributing original ideas.

    contact center agents in meeting reading document on tablet


    Entrepreneurs are driven by innovation and the desire to make a significant impact. These contact center employees approach problem-solving with an innate mindset, constantly contributing original ideas and suggestions during meetings.


    Entrepreneurs may be prone to taking risks without considering the impact on team processes or adherence to established protocols.

    Best Management Approach:

    Encourage their innovative thinking while providing guidance on aligning their ideas with the contact center’s goals and protocols. Foster an environment that supports calculated risk-taking and recognizes their contributions to process improvement.

  6. The Free Spirit

    Free Spirits tend to prefer roles where they are free to make their own decisions and basically do things their way. They may not be well-suited for support roles but they are capable of reinventing the customer experience. Flexible working schedules make Free Spirits happy.

    nonvoice contact center agent wearing bright colors using laptop


    Free Spirits thrive when they have the freedom to make their own decisions and approach tasks in their own unique way. While they may not always fit well into support roles, they have the potential to reinvent the customer experience. Flexible working schedules contribute to their happiness.


    Free Spirits may struggle with adhering to standardized processes or guidelines, potentially affecting quality or consistency.

    Best Management Approach:

    Provide clear expectations and guidelines while allowing flexibility within defined boundaries. Focus on the outcomes and customer experience and encourage their creativity and initiative. Regularly communicate the importance of adhering to core processes when necessary.

  7. The Loyal Employee

    These people are hardworking and productive. Loyal contact center employees always get the job done so long as there is constant and clear communication from team leaders. This type of employee thrives in a stable organization where they can focus on performing their best.

    loyal contact center agent smiling in customer service office


    Hardworking and productive, Loyal Employees consistently deliver results, provided there is clear and constant communication from team leaders. They flourish in stable organizations, allowing them to focus on performing at their best


    Loyal Employees may become complacent or resistant to change if they feel their efforts are not recognized or rewarded adequately.

    Best Management Approach:

    Provide regular feedback and recognition for their contributions. Offer growth opportunities and challenges to prevent stagnation. Involve them in decision-making processes and acknowledge their expertise. Encourage their suggestions for process improvements.

Not all contact center employees can be classified into just one type from this list. In fact, most of the time, workers may belong to two or more types. Still, knowing what types of employees there are in the contact center will make the job easier and fun for everyone.

How a Diverse Workforce Enhances the Customer Experience

The presence of diverse employee types in a contact center can enhance the overall customer experience in the following ways:

    diverse contact center agents chatting
  • Improved Empathy and Understanding

    Diverse employee types bring a range of perspectives and experiences, allowing them to empathize with customers from various backgrounds. This understanding leads to more personalized interactions and tailored solutions that address customers’ unique needs and concerns.

  • Enhanced Communication

    Different employee types have varying communication styles and preferences. This diversity enables contact centers to effectively communicate with a wide range of customers, adapting their approach to match individual preferences. Clear and effective communication fosters positive customer interactions and ensures that information is conveyed accurately.

  • Creative Problem-Solving

    Diverse employee types contribute different problem-solving approaches and ideas. Their varied ways of thinking and problem-solving skills allow for innovative solutions to customer issues. This leads to quicker resolution of problems, increased customer satisfaction, and a reputation for excellent service.

  • diverse contact center reps taking a group photo pic groupfie
  • Cultural Competence

    Contact center employees from diverse backgrounds can provide cultural insights and understanding to address the needs of customers from different cultures or ethnicities. This helps avoid cultural misunderstandings, improves cross-cultural communication, and creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for customers.

  • Skill Diversity

    Diverse employee types offer different levels of flexibility and adaptability. Some may excel at quickly adapting to new technologies or changes in customer demands, while others may excel at handling complex or unexpected situations. This versatility enables the contact center to respond promptly to customer needs and changing market trends.

  • Enhanced Problem Resolution

    When faced with complex or challenging issues, the combination of diverse employee types allows for collaborative problem-solving. Different perspectives and approaches can lead to comprehensive and well-rounded solutions that address customer concerns effectively.

  • contact center coworkers busy happy assisting customers over phone
  • Flexibility and Adaptability

    Diverse employee types offer different levels of flexibility and adaptability. Some may excel at quickly adapting to new technologies or changes in customer demands, while others may excel at handling complex or unexpected situations. This versatility enables the contact center to respond promptly to customer needs and changing market trends.

Optimizing Performance: Effective People Management in Contact Centers

contact center team leader coaching customer support rep

Outsourced contact centers demonstrate a remarkable ability to effectively manage employees and optimize performance, ensuring exceptional customer experiences. We understand the critical role our people play in consistently delivering quality customer service to our partners.

diverse contact center agents chatting

Recruitment and training are pivotal areas where contact centers excel in employee management. They meticulously select individuals with the requisite skills, aptitude, and attitude for customer service roles. Through rigorous screening methods and targeted recruitment strategies, contact centers identify the best-suited candidates, fostering thriving teams.

Comprehensive training programs equip employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle customer inquiries proficiently. These programs cover product knowledge, communication techniques, problem-solving strategies, and customer service best practices. This substantial investment ensures employees are well-prepared to address customer needs with confidence and competence.

Contact centers prioritize ongoing development and upskilling, offering continuous coaching, feedback, and performance evaluations. They conduct regular training sessions and workshops to enhance skills and keep employees updated on industry trends and technological advancements.

contact center celebrating applauding coworker

Furthermore, contact centers foster a positive work environment that promotes employee satisfaction, recognizing and rewarding top performers. They comprehend the significance of employee engagement and motivation in delivering outstanding customer experiences. Flexible scheduling options and support systems prioritize work-life balance.

By assuming responsibility for employee management, outsourced contact centers enable partner brands to concentrate on core competencies and strategic goals. Brands rely on contact centers to handle the complexities of managing customer service teams, encompassing hiring, training, scheduling, performance management, and employee engagement. This empowers brands to allocate resources effectively while ensuring exceptional customer support.

Brands thrive when customer support reps are motivated to deliver quality experiences. Open Access BPO, with its highly-trained workforce and people-centric culture and approach to management, provides high-quality support solutions. Contact us today for your outsourcing needs.


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