Outsource to the Philippines: Seeking out outside experts for blog management

Outsource to the Philippines: Seeking out outside experts for blog management

July 31, 2013
outsourceto the Philippines

Blogs and social media platforms offer great opportunities for companies to reach out to their potential customers. To ensure their success, many companies are choosing to outsource to the Philippines service providers.

Corporate blogs reel in a significant percentage of visitors to the company s official website, which results in promotion and even sales conversion. In fact, statistics for 2012 showed that 57% of companies with blogs have managed to acquire a buyer through the blog. Moreover, corporate blogs provide entertaining and informative content to a target audience, establishing a brand s authority and credibility.

In the digital age, more companies are incorporating the use of blogs as part of their marketing strategy.

Benefits of outsourcing blog management services

Blog management is not merely a one-time job. It entails putting up a steady stream of articles constituting product or service information, current industry trends or news. It calls for professional writing and editing skills to produce high-quality output. Some companies choose to select internal hires and assign topics to office personnel who are in relevant departments. Others, meanwhile, opt to have these tasks outsourced to blog professionals in BPO hubs in countries like the Philippines.

Outsourcing outside experts for your blogging needs has distinct benefits. For one, it lets the management focus on running the business. This is particularly enticing to those who simply lack the time to manage a blog and spurn out fresh content regularly. It also allows the company to hand over the overall management to professionals in the field who have clear understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), versatile writing skills, and online marketing.

Services for blog management

A well-constructed blog showcases a series of articles with compelling content, posted in accordance to a schedule calendar. Typically, posts are done through intensive research on different aspects of the niche to provide information that potential customers will find both useful and entertaining. These are also properly formatted and optimized to increase its visibility on the web. A company blog reflects the company s brand, which means that it should permeate an impression of professionalism and invoke trust from the readers.

A company blog properly managed by dedicated outsourced professionals has a great potential in driving traffic to the main website, thus attracting more customers and generating more sales.


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