Customer service call recording: Is it important for your business?

Customer service call recording: Is it important for your business?

July 31, 2014


Telephone or call recording has become one of the many standard procedures when it comes to automated call management. It enables a business to monitor calls for quality assurance purposes. But some businesses include this function without having a clear plan on how to use the recordings afterward. Since almost every business does it, then might as well hop on the bandwagon, right?
Guaranteeing success for your business is greatly dependent on customer satisfaction. If you don’t integrate call recording or monitoring in your customer call center solutions, you lose a precise way of determining how effective your customer service representatives (CSR) are in meeting the needs of callers and personally identify the most common concerns raised by customers. Without this valuable information, finding out ways on how to improve services becomes slower since the customer-derived information has to go through several funnels before it reaches you.
What benefits can you get from call recording?


Call recording can bring several benefits to your business. First, when your CSR gets into a misunderstanding with a caller, it s easier for you to have an accurate documentation of what transpired during the call if it was recorded. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to think of solutions that will prevent such misunderstanding from happening again.
Second, customer service call recording can also let you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your CSRs. By recording and studying conversations, your employees can identify their own areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments. This evaluative tool can also help you modify training strategies to enhance your employees performance.
Effective call recording does not only benefit you and your workforce. It can also help your customer base get better services from you. Since you now have a better understanding of the quality of your customer service, you can reinforce core traits and skills that you think are needed by your agents. Simply put, call recording allows you to closely analyze calls that failed to meet your quality standards and act on their root causes. With this mindset, your customer service team will keep on improving over time.
Customer service calls are highly insightful. Recording them lets you save time on documenting valuable information and transcend the limits of human memory. Adding to the convenience are its rewind, pause, and fast-forward features.
How do you maximize its advantages?


Quality evaluation of calls depends on how you use your findings effectively. If you are to choose someone to monitor and rate call handling skills of agents, make sure the person has the required expertise to detect flaws and identify solutions and coaching methods to correct them.
Reward your top performing agents and let everyone know about the good traits that you observed using your call recording system. Calls that apply best practices can also be used in depicting scenarios during training. This will help new hires learn from the experiences of your seasoned agents.
Call recording and monitoring, when done right, can serve as a promising evaluation platform and quality assurance method for your business. The recorded conversations can reveal several treasures that you can use in improving your services. With its many advantages, call recording can therefore help you, your employees, and your customers experience better interaction with one another.

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