Facebook facts: What social media marketers need to know

Facebook facts: What social media marketers need to know

OABPO Blog Team Published on June 11, 2014

What should social media marketers and customer service representatives know about the biggest social network? Open Access BPO shares two important Facebook facts.

Social media marketers who execute campaigns on the largest social network want to ensure two things: that they are heard and that their activities are free from threats. That’s why it’s imperative for social media managers to keep updated about trends and happenings that may impact the flow and success of their customer engagement activities on Facebook. With that said, here are two facts that you need to know for an effective marketing strategy online:

1. 600,000 hacking attempts are made on Facebook accounts every day.


The social media giant itself revealed this alarming fact in an official blog post published to simultaneously celebrate the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and launch a security tool that lets members retrieve inaccessible accounts due to hacking or any type of mishap.

Hackers target corporate Facebook profiles for a number of reasons, including financial gain, reputation slander, and scam. Security experts suggest separating business pages from the personal account of marketers. It should also be a basic practice to use different, complicated passwords for every account you manage, even those under the same company.

2. Smartphone users check their Facebook accounts 14 times a day.

An IDC research commissioned by Facebook found out that the members of this online community visit the social network 14 times a day on average. One more surprising finding is that 79% of smartphone users check their newsfeed about 15 minutes after waking up, and the younger the user, the shorter the span between waking up and logging in.


Seventy percent of those surveyed frequent Facebook every single day, and the peak time to visit the site is in the evening, right before users go to bed. The average duration per visit is two minutes and 22 seconds, making roughly 30 minutes the daily average time spent on Facebook through a mobile device.

These findings only fortify the notion that mobile technology and social networking are becoming integral parts of modern people’s lives. For online marketers, these could help them map their posting, sharing, and publishing schedule. Basing on these behaviors would help social media managers reach out to a wider audience and match their availability with the audience’s convenience.

Why these facts matter to firms offering call center solutions in the Philippines

As social media has become an indispensable communication tool that supplements voice-based services, getting acquainted with Facebook trends and activities is also a must for customer service representatives. Multi-channeling continuously dominates the customer support and marketing landscape, so social networks may eventually emerge as the top choice for relaying concerns, processing business transaction, and delivering customer service.

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