How Google Panda made blog management essential

How Google Panda made blog management essential

July 11, 2013

Blog management took the crown for SEO in terms of relevance in regards to Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Find out how Panda bolstered the importance of unique content.

Search engine optimization (SEO) as we know it changed drastically when Google rolled out its Panda update. While previous updates focused on properly executed SEO techniques, Panda ruled out redundant links and content. As a result, countless SEO practitioners who relied on aggressive link building and other techniques that forewent quality content writing saw their rankings fall dramatically.

This is where proper blog management played out for some websites. While well-written content has always been an important practice, some opted to take the easy way out and produce redundant and keyword-laden content. As puts it, unique content is now “the most important SEO practice.”

The art of blogging

One of the lessons emphasized by Google Panda is that your content must be unique, well-written, and informative. Writing content for the sake of populating the web with your keywords quickly became taboo if you want your site to rank effectively. The Panda refined keyword density, proximity, and prominence. It now counts how smooth an article reads towards its ranking. Similarly, keywords that do not flow properly with the text could significantly damage your ranking.

Given the changing digital landscape, what can you do to boost your ranking through well-written content? You have to consider your content needs as this update affected even microblogging.

While countless people profess knowing how to blog, only a handful actually know the industry s ins and outs and could therefore provide you with superb, optimized content. Open Access BPO can provide you with competitive blog management and web content management services to boost your online presence through microblogs, onsite and offsite blogs, and your other digital assets.

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