How to tell if a Philippine call center has loyal clients

How to tell if a Philippine call center has loyal clients

September 17, 2014

How to tell if a Philippine call center has loyal clients- Open-Access-BPO
There are many things that could indicate a call center’s strong grip of its solid client base, but there are telltale signs that you should watch out for when choosing the right outsourcing firm to partner with among a long list of prospects.

Companies can make claims, but your personal observation and testimonials from outside sources are what can truly give a good say about a call center’s standing, especially in the area of customer loyalty. What are these signs and how can you spot them? Read on to find out.

1. Sense of innovation

How to tell if a Philippine call center has loyal clients- Open Access BPO--

Achieving success is a totally different story than maintaining that success. When assessing providers, don’t just look at the innovations they pioneered or adopted to launch themselves to success.

See if your prospects have executed ideas and strategies well. They may have been the ones that spearheaded a revolutionary customer service approach, but what have they been doing to keep themselves afloat? Are they stuck using their own outdated practices and unwilling to integrate new methods with traditional ones? Always go for what will work best for you in the long run instead of simply settling for what is best as of now.

2. Great customer service

Do the companies value customer service so highly that they have an executive team solely dedicated to improving customer experience? It is held with a regard that is as high as “higher-priority” areas like marketing and sales?

Having great customer service, however, means more than just displaying exemplary standings that tell how the companies pass, or even exceed, their own standards. The ones you should approach to determine a firm’s customer service quality are the customers themselves. Hear what people who did business with your prospects have to say about the outsourcing experience.

3. Healthy workforce

Healthy, in the sense that the attrition rates are low, while satisfaction and morale are high. While the working conditions and compliance to labor laws are fundamental areas for consideration, you should also look beyond these. What kind of culture does the workplace have; is it competitive or motivated? How are the relationships between colleagues and their leaders? Do they work according to title or with a collective purpose? These may be too vague to determine, but a workforce’s health can reflect in the performance and the mood the employees display when not monitored.

A call center that has these qualities likely possesses a loyal client base as well. Without a sense of innovation, laudable customer service, and strong workforce, customers will hardly stay connected to that company. If you find a prospect with these three qualities, then you can have a higher assurance of doing business with that firm for the long term.

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