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[Infographic]An entrepreneur's guide to successful investing in Taiwan

Faith Ocampo
October 14, 2015

business etiquette infographic
Taiwan’s doors are wide open for investors from all parts of the world. Its business-friendly policies, close ties with powerful industries such as China, and strategic location continue to capture the attention of global entrepreneurs.
As you start your journey in this fast-progressing market, you’ll be finding plenty of opportunities to expand your existing entrepreneurial capacities. But how familiar are you with cultural norms that Taiwanese professionals follow when it comes to business-related interactions?
Indeed, etiquette matters in the world of business. That’s why in this infographic, Open Access BPO enumerates the culture-specific practices that will help you nurture amicable professional ties as you start establishing your business in Taiwan.
Master these handy tips and advice and claim your spot in the Asian market!
Taiwan business etiquette infographic

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